Friday, February 15, 2019

Surfing the Planets with Nomad

I needed a fix tonight, and found it in Wildrose. I was not expecting IT. IT crept up on me. IT felt like I was surfing the universe, planet hopping in my nomad state of mind. IT started off unreal, not like the planet hopping of before. This felt more tamed, yet more reality, a more nonchalant journey this time.

That was great, hitting the mindless waves of the solar flow in an ease of motion. Then all hell broke loose. IT became electrified. I remember that trip from another hit I found in Wildrose. The surfing became more intense. This was no longer just planet hopping. IT became plasmatic in sound and rhythm. You had to keep up, or fall off. This fix of Wildrose became more than a planet hop. I felt super nomadic, that I have to hit the surf in a violent action to stay on the trip.

Rise and Shine! I felt like a mad cow nomad again, planet skipping, not hopping. Like a ricochet rabbit protecting the universe. But wait! I’m still in Griffith, Indiana, home of the region, at the local craft style brewery “Wildrose Brewing”! Hark, what do the angels here? The “Nomad Planets”!!!

Okay, I can get a little crazy with this at times. If I did not, it would not be me. Nomad Planets hit the stage this night and I listened and photographed while drinking my Mad Cow. Definitely a lot of surf type melody and rhythm going on this night, which began my head trip about Nomad Planets.

The set started with Mark playing acoustic. A bit of a change up from what my bride Christi and I had seen from the band and it was nice. They played three of their new songs too. I do not recall the song titles, however I liked them all, and especially the second song. Mark commented to me he felt he did not do well on the song. Me, I actually enjoyed it the most. The rhythm from John, with drums and base all playing background, left Mark up front and different than the rest. That subtle separation of rhythm and melody, even if Mark felt off, is what sold it for me. Do it again, Mark! (I say.)

Enjoy the photographs!

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck — Lead Vocal / Guitar

Phil Rapchak — Bass

John Carpenter — Lead Guitar / Vocal

Terry Boylan — Drums / Vocal

Nomad Planets

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN 46319

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terence m boylan said...

Wes, it's always a Real pleasure for us when you and your lovely bride come to a show.You guys so know how to capture the people that you are photographing.Thanks so much for all you do in helping the music scene.It's always a treat to be around you two.