Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jeff Massey at Grape & Grain

An acoustic evening with solo performer Jeff Massey is like remembering time past. I can reminisce where I was when the song first came out, or where I was when I first heard it. What was also nice is that this evening Jeff played at Grape & Grain in Homewood, IL. This is the area I grew up in.

Being a local scene for many of Jeff's followers, he did bring in what I would estimate 1/3rd the house. My bride Christi and I new many of them, and met new friends (followers of Jeff) as well.

I do hope Grape & Grain books Jeff again. This is a very enjoyable atmosphere, plenty of room, plenty of wine and beer, and the part I love most of all is that it is non-smoking!

Here are some photographs of the evening.

Photographs of my bride Christi!

Jeff Massey

Grape & Grain
Bar and Acoustic Lounge
18031 Dixie Highway
Homewood, IL  60430

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