Monday, February 5, 2018

Yoga at Byway Brewing

I first met Sandra at Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond about 6 years ago. Paul Henry's (PH) was my first ever real photographing of the public and people (musicians). As I extended myself to other photography, I came across Sandra's Yoga In The Park and asked to photograph. Today it is a given. Where Sandra goes I will most likely be there to photograph.

For me it is not about the Yoga per se, yet it is. I get the vibe from the Yogis. It does not matter whether they have great form or not, great physique or not, young old underweight overweight male female experienced or not experienced, that all does not matter. What matters to me is seeing the passion the Yogis have and connecting with it. That is motivational. As you take a look at the photographs remember this. These Yogis had it all together no matter how you see the photograph. My bride Christi and I would like to thank them for allowing our presence as photographers and it not breaking their connection with mind and body.

Byway Brewing . . . I have been to a few local breweries to photograph musicians and art openings. Each has its character and place in the community. Byway Brewing will have their 2-year anniversary on February 24th. They are welcoming and supporting the local community through the arts that now includes Yoga. It is very fitting they support Yoga. "Yoga is an art form in which the mind, body and soul are all connected and act as one . . ." - SkinnyMS, (Note that I am just giving credit to the website for their writing.)

This is how I see Byway differentiating themselves. Brewing is an art form. This art form can be combined with many other art forms to connect us as one. Byway has a lot of ideas to support a variety of local arts. I would expect most if not all of the ideas will be implemented this year.

I was very impressed with Byway too. I watched it being built, however I have never been inside until now. I really enjoy the creation of open public space, having a high ceiling and angles that are more inviting than the square box that one is accustom to seeing. I found the staff very friendly and service oriented. Besides their beer there is also a menu from small plates to sandwiches and up to entrees. If you have a large group, no problem. There is plenty of space for you. You want a private party, no problem. There is a dedicated space in the production brewery for that, which is where Sandra's Yoga class takes place.

The first photograph is of our friend Tony. Tony has become more over the years in both friend and supporter of the arts. It was very fitting that he be at the 1st Yoga at Byway.

There is another Yoga event at Byway this February 21st! Get your tickets!!!

Byway Brewing
2825 Carlson Drive
Hammond, IN  46323
(corner of Kennedy Ave and 80/94)

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