Thursday, August 30, 2018

Griffith Rock 'N' Rail Festival 8/30/18

Thank you my home town of Griffith Indiana for another Rock ‘N’ Rail festival! I must say, I enjoy the arrangement this year. It is a lot more inviting. This is probably the largest FREE to attend event and it takes place in my home town of Griffith, Indiana. This is the biggest outdoor stage in the NW Indiana (to the best of my knowledge) with a great sound and lighting that puts you in the vibe.

I work a full time day job and do photography at night. Tonight I thought I had a pre-arranged photo shoot. As it turned out, I was a week early, and a few hours late to the 10th Annual Rock ‘N’ Rail Festival. (I would have been late even more if I had the shoot.) So, I did not catch the first main stage band “The Morning Glories”, nor did I have a chance to walk through the festival like I would have wanted.

I did arrive half way through Runnin’ Down a Dream, a Tom Petty Tribute band, followed by Rumors, a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band. Boy did I miss some very good music from Runnin’ Down a Dream, which brings me to my next point.

Memories bring up feelings. The feelings I am speaking of are joy, happiness, fulfillment, heartfelt. Tonight is what memories are made of.

All of us have favorite bands. If you dig deep enough you should find that your favorite band stirs up your emotions. This is why cover bands are so popular. The lyrics and artistry/stage presence of the original connected with you. I am here to tell you that this evening topped that. These two bands went beyond giving tribute the original artist. They were their own artists. Their play made you stop and listen to Them, not the original. These two bands blew me away, making me want to move to Atlanta where they hale from.

Probably unusual for these two bands is our community. Old school and laid back. We had a huge crowd, yet we were silent because we love to be put in a trance of memories. As I have mentioned many times, NW Indiana is dripping in talent in all the arts. We have some excellent cover bands, and more importantly to music, we have many original music bands and musicians who know us, entertain us, who are following their passion. So yes to the bands and musicians who come to Rock N’ Rail Fest from afar, it may feel a bit odd to have such a silent yet huge crowd in the Town of Griffith Indiana. Be sure, we are listening and feeling those memories you are giving us, and enjoy every moment with you. Thank you! (As I go through all of my photographs I cannot help but feel how special these people are [the two bands]. They really did bring up and gave us memories tonight.)

As usual I have some mega amount of photographs to show you that will give you some of the vibe from tonight. You know it; you need to be there to really experience. This free to attend 4-day event goes through this Sunday. I hope to see you there . . .

(P.S. I do have to admit I am a bit slow at times. They played me . . . see if you get it as you go through the photographs. Bravo!)

The photograph above I took outside at what I thought was the photographic shoot I was to have this evening at the Towle Theater.

Runnin' Down A Dream
A Tom Petty Tribute Band

Between main stage bands . . .

Our own Grindhouse Cafe!

"Lake Street Stage" is new this year. On stage is Maronek Band.

A Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

Did you see, did you get it, do you understand? Both bands are the same band members!

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