Saturday, August 1, 2020

Magic Bus WoodDock

The 3rd annual WoodDock music festival was held at Mackinac Island this day. Headlining was one of our favorite bands, Magic Bus. A big thanks to the Arnold Transit Dock for hosting, and on the ship Corsair.

I have to apologize now. I do not remember the names of the next musicians. If someone who knows can message me the information, it would be gratefully appreciated.

This next solo artist was very cool. Her happy personality was out there for everyone to see and enjoy. She did some cover songs, however what I liked most was her original music.

(For more photographs of our weekend on the Island click here.)

As the day went on, a halo around the sun appeared in rainbow colors. The sensor in my camera could not pick up on all the cool colors, however I was able to capture the halo, and a bird flying across my optics.

Magic Bus

Do you love the Woodstock era? Well if so, you will more than love the Magic Bus band. "Every day that get in the queue, to get on the bus that takes me to you . . ." The Who. So get on board!!!

This band is super cool. Mark Harrington's stage presence commands attention. He is here to play music, and play he does. Melissa Wickson's voice fits the song being played, and her emotion is wrapped into what it meant/means to us. I love this girl for that. Dave Mielke is superb on guitar and vocals. He brings an emphasis of what this music is about. He comes across serious, and at the same time so fun loving because he enjoys what he is doing for the audience. Dan Medawar on guitar takes on his vocal with a lot of respect from the band. His play is right on, giving us the feel of what a musician is all about. Steve Richards on base guitar molds himself into the band, the songs, becoming one with the vibe. I enjoyed his excerpt from his normal play, to stand on the concrete blocks and play for the people on the ferries that were going in and out of the other dock. Steve Carie on drums solidly held the band in tempo, while giving us the emphasis of his position in the music that we stood and clapped for. Now, typically the drummer is the one in the back least seen. However, Mike Bruner on keyboard took over that position. Though in back and to the left, this offset position still gave emphasis to his importance to the music and that time in history the music was made. In 1998, Mike played keyboards for Rare Earth (you may have heard of that band . . . lol).

Battle of the guitars! I was using my bride's camera at the time leading into this. I was not sure how many photographs I took, however I know I took these next few. This part I remember from Hippie Fest. The to guitarists would play off each other in a mini battle, then all of a sudden they would attack and end up with their own guitars across their back, and wrapped around each other playing the other guys guitar behind the back. Pretty cool. Not only that, they spin around, going clockwise then into a counterclockwise, as if they were still battling. Even when they broke off, their fingers were still on the chords of the other guys guitar, playing every note and keeping rhythm. A very nice show of entertainment and talent.

Of course there was an encore. More of the photographs I took were on my brides camera. These two I pulled off. It felt like family watching them performing at this moment.

Thanks so much Mackinac Island for maintaining our heritage, giving us the opportunity to relive, and experience.

Mackinac Island

Thank you to Arnold Freight and their ship Corsair! WoodDock's 3rd annual was a blast! A great job by everyone who put this together and were involved keeping us happy this day!

Arnold Freight Company

A very special thanks to Magic Bus. You brought back my era that is deep inside me. You gave me the experience this day that I felt back then. You are superb. You feel it just as I do. You make taking photographs fun!!! Peace out . . .

Magic Bus

Here is a very short clip (because I was caught in the moment, did not record from the beginning, and accidentally pressed the record button twice) of Magic Bus singing White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Oh, and don't touch your dial, the clips are dark because I set the exposure wrong.

Here is the rest of the clip once I realized I turned it off, of the very end of the song. Darn, I dislike when I miss opportunities like this . . .

Magic Bus will be at our local Hobart Art Theater November 21st, 7 to 10 PM. Please buy some tickets and go see them!


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