Friday, February 19, 2021

Daddy Long Legs at the Towle Theater

Daddy Long Legs

Music & Lyrics by Paul Gordon

Book by John Caird

Based on the novel by Jean Webster

I want to thank the Board of Directors for this show, and for allowing my bride Christi and I to photograph it. It meant a lot to us, and to the staff and support staff at the Towle Theater. You could tell by just being there this evening.

Opening shows for the year are always emotional. Opening after a year off becomes very emotional in a very positive way. Opening the year with a show like "Daddy Long Legs" is emotional as well, in another positive way.

Though there were challenges to pull off this virtual event, Isabella Andrews playing "Jerusha Abbott", and Adam Moxness playing "Jervis Pendleton", brought this with a statement. More than just taking a position against the pandemic and that the show must go on. Their performance was outstanding, making the statement "we are actors, so do not mess with us". Even before the last full rehearsal started, watching last minute scene rehearsals brought tears.

I love the time period this is set in. There is so much glamour with the time, and also much "I am upper class" and "you are deserving of my favor", that being human as we are, we come together because we inspire each other no matter who we are. This musical does touch us in such a way to make us realize that if we listen, we can care. If we can care, we may find our own heart. If we can find our heart, we will find love.

I have not given anything away. This joyful production by our wonderful Jeff Casey, with music director Elizabeth Tuazon, shows you how much they missed what they love. Both Isabella and Adam are brilliant in character and voice, and with whatever comes there way.

Here are a more than a few photos for you to enjoy. More information on the virtual event is at the bottom of this blog.

Production Staff

Director – Jeff Casey

Musical Director – Elizabeth Tuazon

Production Intern – Anna Kirsch

Lighting Design – Adrienne Petty

Set / Costume Design – Kevin Bellamy


Piano – Elizabeth Tuazon

Guitar – Steven Moeller

Cello – Aaron Zemelko

Featured Show Sponsor

First Merchants Bank

This virtual event is opening to ticket sales starting Monday, March 8th. Everyone who has ever attended a Towle Theater event really does not have an excuse not to attend, because you can start anytime you want, and you have 48 hours to watch. (Refer to the FAQ link above.)

For people who have never seen an event at the Towle Theater, you will have a chance to do so from the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to acclimate yourself to the purpose of the theater. Now that I think of it, my FB friends from around the world will be able to attend!!! Please consider watching to help support what I love, and photograph.

Be an "Angel" too! Realize that it has been a year since a production has taken place, so no revenue has been collected. The Towle Theater has been surviving on gracious donations from people who value the arts. Thank you!

Thank you to the Board of Directors for supporting this production. A great thanks to all of the sponsoring partners who uplift us with their generosity. Great thanks to my dear friend Joh Carpenter of Thunderclap Recording for the videotaping. A greater thanks to Jeff Casey, our managing director, for his superb directing. Without his constant effort these productions would not be growing. 

Most of all I (we) would like to take this time to thank our own Elizabeth Tuazon as a great friend, supporter of the Towle Theater, and our musical director. We missed her dearly as she missed us. At the end of the rehearsal I photographed above, she was presented with a framed collage of all the musicals she has directed at the Towle Theater. You can find a signed copy to look at in the lobby of the theater. Please check it out. Love you Elizabeth (from Jeff and all of us).

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