Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Lou Shields ⁓ our friend

I first met Lou Shields at Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond, December 30, 2011. Some of the other musicians of that time who performed were Melissa Welch, "Keyboard Richie" Mahoney, Mitch Wright, Dakota McCoy, Rich Hall, Joey Humphrey playing the 12-string for the first time, KC Wilkerson who was one cool dude, Lee Watson who at the time I did not know he was my son's boss, Jason West, Don Taylor, and Carl Strain.

Those who I did not know their names at the time and do now were Brabant Lenting, John Brudek, Gary Price, Michael Nowak, the now Lauren Ramirez, Phylis Butler Mamula, Carol Moore, Dimitrios Saranteas, others who have unfriended me, and others who were not in my photographs.

Off all the people there that evening, the person who caught my attention was Lou Shields. I was very timid with camera in hand because I never photographed people like that, let alone musicians. Lou just fascinated me as being different, cool, a person having a care free aura as I put it back then. No beard, wore a hat, rolled up jeans, and a great smile.

Lou has found both a purpose / focus in life, and is well aware that he will have to deal with what life gives him. You figure it out along the way.

So, for me it is always a pleasure when I see Lou. He doesn't even have to play music. He can be just Lou. What I like about the Lou of today is all of the stories he can tell from all his travels and meeting people. Seems he has always been a story teller. You just have to listen to the lyrics. A wealth of knowledge. A kind heart. A man for mankind. He is becoming the storyteller of storytellers, passing on tradition, creating tradition. Just keep on truck'n Lou!!!

Here are some photographs of the evening. One cannot blog without photographs of Paul Henry's Art Gallery either. This place has a tradition of acoustical music every Thursday night, open to the public, a very enjoyable social evening if that is your thing. Or like me, stick to yourself and soak it in. Many artist's work has passed through this place, including mine. My favorites are still Sophia Rapata, Lauren Ramirez, and of course Lou Shields who also draws, paints, and skates (or at least he use to skate). And yes, I own a few pieces of their art.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley St.
Hammond, IN 46329
(219) 678-5015

(phone ahead to confirm times, or to make an appointment)

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. Paul Henry's is a great spot and Lou captures the energies as you with these images!