Saturday, May 6, 2023

MegaBeatles at 912

MegaBeatles. That word states a lot. A mega of music, sound, fun and dance with Beatles music. From the beginning of the Beatles era to the end.

The Chris & Lou band. One of the bands that make up the MegaBeatles. The Crawpuppies, the second band that makes up the MegaBeatles. Each have their own roundhouse of music that they play outside MegaBeatles, which of course still includes some Beatles music. They are all musicians in their own right, doing what they enjoy, which is to play music. They do it so so well.

This MegaBeatles event was held at Avenue 912, now in their second year as a venue to book for events and to see concerts like the MegaBeatles. This evening was an an all ages event, and I have to say we had a wide range of ages this evening. Right from the beginning and all the way through to the end, people were up dancing and having fun.

Located in Griffith, Avenue 912 has done superb providing us with a clean and spacious venue. I have been there many times now and have always admired how they keep the facility maintained, and the staff very helpful and smiling. Yes I will say it, check them out if you are looking for a place to hold a party, and check out their website for upcoming events by clicking "here". Ticket prices very each event.

Have you been thinking of going to visit England? Every thought about seeing Abby road? The Cavern? Other Beatles sites to see? Well, you are totally in luck. You can do it!

Authentic Irish Tours out of Valparaiso, has such a tour that you can go on. Last year Chad Clifford of MegaBeatles went on the tour and had a blast, and he's going back again this year. You can join him!!! This "8 Days A week Beatles 2024 Tour" is in August. Group size will depend on how many sign up. (Last year was about 18 I think.) Check it out by clicking "here". The first photograph is of Martin Hughes telling us about the tour.

Enjoy the photographs . . . :)

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