Sunday, August 7, 2016

Destination Asia Festival

I have been following the Chicago Koto Group when I can.  I had a chance to catch up with them at the Morton Arboretum up in Lisle this day to see them and listen. This was also the Destination Asia Festival at the arboretum, so that made it even more intriguing.

There was a lot of activities going on, from music to exhibitions, to food trucks (and everything in between). My bride Christi and I took in just a small sampling and we really enjoyed it. Here are some photos.

This display was cool. From this angle you saw what to me was a tree in daylight. As you walked to the other side, it the 3D image would view as perhaps more evening and woods.

A Chinese musical performance performed by the "one-man band" Kerry Leung.

You needed to watch out for the frogs too . . .

Traditional Japanese ensemble music by the Chicago Koto Group. Mariko Hosokawa, Rie Katayama, Masako Turner, and my friend Michael Firman! This first couple photos they were tuning.


I failed in some these photos in that my depth of field was not correct. It happens.

Another Frog

USA Sumo

Before we went home, we drove through the arboretum, both East and West side.

Morton Arboretum
4100 IL-53
Lisle, IL 60532

Destination Asia Festival

Chicago Koto Group

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