Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diana and the Dishes - because I like them

I had the special treat of seeing "Diana and the Dishes" at the Green Mill poetry slam this night, along with my friends Sandra and Jen. The creativity in Diana just spills out.  No need to clean it up (joke)! During one poetry contest reciting she got up, bent over the piano, and began plucking the strings inside the piano. She knew what she wanted, found a way, and did it.  That was very cool. (I did not photograph during the poetry.)

Here are some photos of the evening. I will probably dedicate this blog page to the band and update it as I am able to go see them at the different venues.


Oh, almost forgot. I have a direct link to their website in the right hand column, under "Friends of Wes". I do consider Diana and the band friends, even though I hardly know them. Not that I am in their art form, however artists, even photography artists, understand and can connect to all art. If you get a chance, also check out my blog on the musical "Next Stop". Diana played a HUGE part in the creation of this. It was superb, and I hope it shows again . . . soon . . . and and and, that I have the opportunity to photograph it.

For Diana and the Dishes at Lincoln Hall, April 2012, click here.

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