Friday, March 1, 2013

The Robots . . . the best ever . . .

"I like those guys", thinking to myself while going through the photos, deciding which to post in the blog.

I have seen a lot of bands this past year. I have to say, tonight The Robots topped my list of shows for this past year. The audience loved them tonight. I got some cool shots of Danny Mac. I finally got some shots of Chris Wonder that I liked. Ed Fell hit those drums the best I have every seen him. Bob Sherman took in the audience's vibe and arranged the evening for us, and Pete Calacci was a blast as always singing both vocal and strings.

Bob Sherman, early on in the evening, said on the mic that The Track Lounge is the only place where people enjoy music. He's right. As I walked around photographing, talking to friends and people I just met, they all echoed the same feeling, without me even asking about it. For some of the people it was there first time there, and they were blown away. This was not just after Bob said it. This was through the entire night.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy, and some more comments at the end of the blog . . .

Chris is cool. He plays with every part of his body, including his fist as shown in the next couple of photos. Though I think everyone thinks his butt act is the best . . .

I tend to show a lot of photos of Pete. This is because he and "my sister" Renee are going together. I call Renee "my sister", even though she is not, because we are close. I have a lot of respect for Renee, and for Pete, and for the entire band. So this is not to take away from the other "brothers" of mine. This is just to let you know why I put up a lot of photos of Pete.

Once and a while, something will catch my eye and I will photograph it . . . part of my learning experience . . . part of me creating an emotion for you to believe.

This was not an open mic night. The Robots came in planning to do, well, what they planned. Sometimes other bands, friends, will come in to listen. I see bringing these people up to play as a tradition . . . when one band visits another band, you give that band some recognition and have them play at least one song. Yes, it upsets the apple cart for what was planned by the main band, however, when done properly, the evening can explode with a vibe the audience really enjoys. This was one of those evenings.

The Track Lounge is pretty cool for a local bar. I have been to a few in my life, however this establishment is friendly. Everyone has fun, including the proprietor Richard Seagel , who The Robots will bring up once and a while to have him get his groove on.

Ed's solos are always fun. You can think of it as stretching his muscles as he plays. I have always enjoys percussion. I started young wanting to play the drums, and took some lessons. I didn't have the support, nor the drive to do it on my own. I do come from the view that a person can do anything another can. It may not be to the perfection that someone else can do it. It may take you too long to get there as well. Ed throws me back, because he is that great. He hit it this night as crisp as one could get. He was an animal out there, pushing himself because he enjoys it. Pushing himself because the band expects it, from all the members. Pushing himself, because he wants to entertain us.

Chris closed for us tonight. It was superb. I think I finally got some photographs that are worthy of his talent . . .

For whatever reasons this night became special for everyone. The music matched the vibe we had. A lot of people dancing. A lot of photographs, and not just from me. The artists on stage kicking it at the right time for us. I cannot say I was expecting it when everything started. It just happened that way, to where I do not believe anyone really wanted it to end. At 2:00 AM however, I guess it had to end.

Sometimes you need to compartmentalize you music to keep it your music. Sometimes you need to get "outside the box" as it were, to create and learn and feel the new energy. The trick is to know when. The trick is to draw the audience in. The trick is to not be too predictable . . . as a photographer that is much more fun, and I think the same for the audience. The Robots, our Loyal Plastic Robots, did just that tonight. Thanks guys!!!!!

Richard and Caroline are great hosts. They have fun along with us. They provide the venue for music, which the region really enjoys, and the bands who come to play really enjoy. I have written in several blogs that it is like a perpetuating vibe. The band gives it to us, we take it, have fun with it, throw it back at them to increase their enjoyment back to us. It is like your first date, seeing how far you can go, and still maintain, enjoy, the passion of not knowing, yet letting it all happen with the right touch. An orgasmic experience of music and loyal people.

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