Thursday, March 14, 2013

FlyingAround TheSun with Pete Calacci

WJOB and FlyingAround TheSun are cool. Like Doctor Who bow ties and fezs are cool. I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Pete Calacci this eveing during the FlyingAround TheSun show. Boy time went by fast. Boy Pete can play. Boy oh boy can Kelly Skaggs sing.

For those who may not know, WJOB and FlyingAround TheSun have a show every Thursday night at 9:00 PM, featuring different musicians from the NW Indiana region "who write & perform original music." It is difficult for artists to get their own music out, to be heard, to grow a fan base. This radio station, this show hosted by Mark Mybeck and Phil Rapchak (both of them from the group Nomad Planets), offers a platform for musicians from our region to be heard. To share their talent with NW Indiana, and NW Indiana is dripping with talent.

This evening was about Pete Calacci and his new CD "Other Side", produced by Pete Calacci. Pete described how long it took him to put this CD together, how the cover came about, and I will mention here because it was not mentioned on the radio, the inside photos were taken by my pal Renee Wicinski, who happens to be Pete's girlfriend, and who has basically grown up with Pete through his guitar playing years. I greatly admire Renee's photography, and wanted to give her credit here.

Here are some photos of the evening . . .

WJOB is a pretty cool place. There is a lot of history, nostalgia as you walk through the halls. I would love to work there as a photographer if there was a way to put photos up over the air. A bit backwards in thinking, given video streaming, however a cool thought for holding onto some nostalgia doing photography.

Here are some photos from inside the station.

Nostalgia. History at its best. WJOB has been around for a long time. Music, even longer. This radio station is really cool. When you think of all the re-locations, all of the people who put in their time for our entertainment, about all you can do is sit back, take it in, and smile. You want to become a part of it. Our history.

Pete Calacci has become a part of our history. How big a part is dependent upon him, the support of Kelly, Renee, myself, and of course all of you. I am super glad that Pete has contributed to this radio station, and to himself. This is one cool time to be in.

Thank you Mark Mybeck for checking out Pete on my blog, and for pursuing getting him on the radio station. Thank you too for letting me photograph this, to document for history, what you Phil Rapchak, this radio station, Pete, and all the other musicians before and after Pete are doing for us.

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