Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MINt Season 5 Finale

What is improv? Improv is having fun, interacting with the audience, creating a setting, working with other improvs. Improv is great! Improv will make you laugh. Improv will also may you cry and pee your pants. Improv draws you in, a wanting to coach the improv with the next idea you want them to portrait. You interact as an audience member without knowing you are interacting.

Most of all, improv is a person, an ensemble, meeting with the audience to rant on life in an enjoyable way. To let go the stress of the day, stress of life. Improv is personal, both to the improvs and to the audience. There is not just one story being told. There is a story for each individual in the room.

When you add music, you have Music Improv! A dimension to improv that can only be explained as, Wow! This high level attention, slamming the audience with energy that exhausts you just sitting there, spins your head. You go home in a daze wondering what just hit you. Music improvs are doing the impossible in my opinion.

It is always a great honor for me to go see my friends do their music improv. Here are just a few people I have come to know and admire from tonight's show: Stephanie McCullough Vlcek, Keenan Camp, Courtney Fontaine, Caroline Nash, Heather Marie Scholl, Becca Brown, Andy Bohannon Orschein, Stacey Smith, Brandon Price, Byron Roussin, to name a few (yes, I probably have forgotten someone).

Here are photos from the evening. I strive to do the show justice by providing a story telling photo blog. I will always improve so that one of these days I can live and breath photography for a living. I need to do photography, as these music improvs need to do music improv!

MINT Jagger




Music Comedy Live
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

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