Friday, February 13, 2015

Garfield Park Conservatory

The summer of 2011, a hail storm swept through Chicago. Garfield Park Conservatory was affected. Their glass roof was damaged.

October of 2012 I went to see the Chicago's Twelve at the conservatory. I did not know about the 2011 damage. The conservatory was beautiful. I returned again in 2013 and a couple times in 2014. The last time in 2014 I was with my son. We saw re-construction going on, and noticed the plant life was not as presentable as in the past. The stress of the 2011 incident was taking its toll.

This Friday my bride (Christi) and I went to the conservatory. She had never been there. It was then I realized what had happened, and the stress it has put on this conservatory that opened in 1908. I was sad. However, I saw the renovation going on. It still felt like home, the first time I went in 2012.

Here are some photos inside the conservatory. I encourage you to go to this conservatory. They need your support. It is free, and they do have a donation box when you exit (behind the front desk). Please donate.

This first photo is cloudy because my camera equipment was fogging over. I had to wait a while for the camera temperature to stabilize. Note, the conservatory is temperature and humidity controlled for the environment the plants are meant for. There are "environmental sections" within the conservatory, from warm to cool, and humid to dry.

Garfield Park Conservatory
300 North Central Park Ave.
Chicago, IL  60624

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