Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wes' Excellent Adventure IV - Cuba!

Ha, I went to Cuba . . . Missouri!

Over the holiday Christi and I chose to take an extended weekend and travel down Rt. 66. That in itself will be an excellent blog. We made it as far as Tulsa, OK. Lots of cites to see, and long not so hyped roads, however, still very relaxing.

There were many towns, very scenic, very Rt. 66'sh. Just like in the time you might imagine. Yes, the road and towns have grown up with the times. In some areas, too commercialized if you ask me. However, I still had the feel of days past, taking the older Rt. 66 when possible, and the slightly newer routes when the old was not available.

Because of being a gear head, one town caught my eye on the way back home. We did travel through it on the way West, however, this part of it we never saw until we took the highway home. So we got off on the exit, and did a lot of travel up and down roads to find it. Was not easy.

The first few photos were taken when we traveled through town heading West. Lots of wall murals. Christi has more photos of the murals that will be in another blog.

(For our trip down Route 66, click here.)

Painted electrical panels located a couple feet off the road (photos below).

Some photos of Bob's Gasoline Alley, just outside downtown Cuba. Being my dad was a test engineer at Sinclair Research in Harvey, Illinois, I enjoy the old gas stations and signs. I cannot think of anywhere else in the United States where you can find such a large and varied collection of gasoline pumps and signs. Enjoy the photos!

Bubba does not make animal friends easily, though he found this bunch a friendly crowd . . .

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