Thursday, November 5, 2015

The One: Round 2

115 Bourbon Street

"The One: Cover Band Edition Band Contest", Round 2 was held tonight. I had never been to such an event, let alone this great venue. I am surprised I had never heard of 115 Bourbon Street, located in Merrionette Park, IL. This is one cool place!

I knew about the event because my bride Chirsti. She follows Lava Rock who is in this contest. This contest seems to be a best kept secret, because I could not find out on the Internet who played tonight. Did not know I would be doing this on memory.

Tonight was 80's night, where the bands covered music from, well, 80's. Next week is country night, and will be less one of these bands (by vote). I am not sure what the other weeks are, however, will say it sounds like it will be a challenge to the bands. A good way to see who comes out on top. Each event everyone gets to vote for their top 2. At the end, only one band gets to cash in on the prize.

I took photos when I could. You will see a lot of photos of some bands, and just a couple photo of others. Do not let this detract you from any of them.  They are all great.

This first band up had some brass, literally, and a strong vocal. Reverend "T" & The Soul Shakers . . .

The next band up, Puddin' Head, had a female lead singer who put a vibe in the air with her stage presence.

One thing I could find on the Internet was information who was judging. Hosting is Mark Nilsson. He did a very fine job. He was very upbeat, kept to the point, yet took us on the journey. Judges are Lisa Allen from WTMX, Eric Ortiz of Rendition, Anthony Martino of Hairbangers Ball, and Kenny Braasch also known as DJ Kenny Bronco of 115 Bourbon Street. I apologize for not having a good photo of the judges. I do did not bring a flash because I typically use available light.

Every so often you will see photos of the public. People will generally come up to me and want their photo taken. Perhaps they think I am from a newspaper or magazine. Do not know. I do, however, put them in my blog when appropriate.

The next band up was Jailbreak Chicago. I found them advertising the event on Facebook, which is how I got their name. This band rocks it hard with the lead singer playing bass.

Next up, Me & The Fellas.  Just a couple photos here. The others I took had too many people in the way, like other photographers.

Next up, Evolution, who's lead singer is very dynamic and coming out to the dance floor to JAM with us . . .

Next up. Lava Rock, who technically hit it and showed a lot of flair . . .

Next up, Take Cover . . .

Next up with a strong vocal, The Heart Sutra. I did have a couple more photos, however, the photos seemed repetitive.  My bad.

Last up, Party Anthem with a lot of vibe and connection to the audience.

The voting . . .

"The One"
115 Bourbon Street
3359 West 115th Street
Merrionette Park, IL  60803

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