Saturday, January 23, 2016

EAT - Halfway To Pierogi Fest

EAT and the Nomad Planets live, a great combo to fill your appetite and to celebrate "half way to pierogi fest" (held in Whiting IN) here in Hammond IN. Communities supporting communities, and all for us, we the people.

Music, pierogi's, drink, dance, what more could you ask for? Well, how about a live recording taking place of Nomad Planets! How about the first time being at the EAT in downtown Hammond! I have always enjoyed, and will continue to because of these guys, the Nomad Planets. Have to say, the EAT impressed me a lot with it's size and character, and the history of downtown Hammond. From the Woolworth sign, to the telephone booth and old air conditioning control system on display, your eye kept wondering around with a smile on your face. The establishment is still being finished inside, however, for myself I rather enjoyed the raw look.

Here are some photos of the evening. My bride Christi took some as well, so I hope to link her blog soon.

Food line for pierogis, and were they good! (We went back for more.)

The old air conditioning control system. Process control is one of my engineering backgrounds, so this was interesting. You can still purchase some of these parts today!

The place kept filling in with people. It was great to see everyone coming out to enjoy the EAT and Nomad Planets.

Nomad Planets before their set.

I was not going to put the next photo up, then thought it would be funny, then not, then since we picked on Mark for his photo earlier this year, I thought what the heck. Here is Phil. (Punxsatawney Phil? Okay, I said it. You can buy me a beer later Phil.)

I thought the table arrangement was great this evening, leaving just the right room for a dance floor. I would have been up there dancing too, however, this was being recorded. I am a bit shy . . .

5201 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320

Nomad Planets

Pierogi Fest 2016
July 29 - 31, 2016

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