Thursday, January 7, 2016

Social - 1

I have not taken a lot of photos in January. Trying to get things together for an upcoming solo exhibit, and to make the rounds just to socialize. On January 7th, Christi and I went to see Kenny Kinsey, Gerry Hundt, and Ralph Kinsey at True BBQ in Munster. Here are some photos.

January 22nd Christi and I went to the Zhou B Art Center's 3rd Friday open exhibitions by the artist who work there. If you have not been to Zhou B, you need to go some time. It will take your breath away.

The photo below is one of Diana Leviton Gondek's lastest pieces. Christi and I picked up a couple pieces of her art to photograph for her.

The Robots

The Robots were the first band I ever photographed. I found they played at The Track Lounge on the same 3rd Friday of the month, as the exhibition opening at Zhou B. So I would make tracks to Zhou B, then back to The Track Lounge each 3rd Friday of the month. This time, Christi and I split up after Zhou B. I went to see our buddies The Robots, and she went to Hairbangers Ball at the Silver Buckle Saloon.

Musician in the house . . . Danny (of Screaminchickenz Amps) on guitar.

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