Saturday, May 14, 2016

Round Robin to Atlanta

My bride Christi went to one of the Canon Destination Workshops to study under my friend Parish Kohanim in Atlanta. She thoroughly enjoyed it, as I had the three times I went before her. We could not afford to send both of us, so I went along to do the driving and to check out some places with our dog Bubba.

The photographs in this blog post are the photographs I took during the trip. They do not include Christi's photos from the workshop. These first couple photos are of the rest stop as we entered Tennessee.

As soon as we made it to Atlanta and checked into our hotel, Christi hit the pavement to the Georgia Aquarium. This was on her bucket list to do.  Her goal, to see the Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the world.

The aquarium is also next to is is the World of Coca-Cola.

Some photographs I took of around town while Christi was at her photography session.

One place I had been wanting to go to when in Atlanta was The Varsity.

The 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia. The photo below shows a monument of the torch, just North of Varsity.

Saturday after I dropped Christi off at her photography session, Bubba and I went to the Botanic Gardens to look around and to check out their dog park. Sorry, no dog park photographs because I had to keep an eye on Bubba. To say the least, the dog park was huge and very nice.

Being photographer, this building caught my eye . . .

Bubba, wiped out from the morning.

Yes, the photograph I took of the Kodak building was kitty corner from this Krispy Kreme shop. I went back the next day to photograph the Krispy Kreme, and took one more photograph of the Kodak building.

The next day Bubba and I found another dog park closer to the hotel. Not as big or as nice as the Botanic Gardens, however, nobody around this one but Bubba.

A place I enjoyed my other trips to Atlanta is the Silver Skillet. This restaurant has been in the family since 1967. There have been movies, commercials, videos and print ads made here. A lot of actors have been through this place. Check out their website

I could not go in because the time I arrived, they were closed. I have been in their once before. I asked for a Coke or Pepsi, and they stared me down and pointed to the Coca-Cola office South of there. (I did not know it at the time.) So they new I was a newbie. Then, when I ordered my burger they asked if I wanted biscuits. I looked at them funny and said no. That was a mistake too. Once you learn about this place, you will know why I felt like an outsider . . . because I was.

There is a lot of construction going on in Atlanta. Parish's studio has been bought up for development. So he has to move a few blocks. I do not think Atlanta will look the same the next time I come back. (Actually it did not look like the Atlanta I had been to a couple years back. Constant change.)

The photo above is of the back side of Parish's studio. After I picked Christi up from her last day of the workshop, I took her to the Botanic Gardens.

On our trip home, we stopped by Chattanooga! I think I could live here the rest of my life.

Father and son playing chess . . .

Bubba and my bride playing checkers . . .

I believe this was another aquarium. We did not go in, but walked around. We did not realize until later that dogs were not allowed. Bubba took a drink here, then right after chose to wade through the water. Ooops.

Sometimes I notice things, like these huge concrete counterweights on the bridge.

We always need photographs of the Bubba . . .

This corner bar named "The Pickle Barrel" was pretty cool. Had to stop and photograph. Need to stop and eat their next time.

The next two photographs are interesting. The first I was on the other side of the street and zoomed in. The second I was on the same side of the street and zoomed out. This is a great example why you should always stand far back when taking photographs, so that you get the right perspective.

As most trips will go, you will come across an accident. We did, and chose to take a detour. Found this car to photograph.

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