Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Region

As I drove "Big Doggie B" (aka Bubba) to his "fur cut", and then to downtown Hammond to deliver some photographs, I had a heightened sense of my surroundings. I saw things I saw before, however with renewed wonder and joy. Hammond and the surrounding communities have a lot to offer a photographer, an artist. I now wished I had participated more.

I have lived in the region, residing in Illinois or Indiana, my entire life. Why? Because everything is hear, including memories. Why do I think of this now? Because it may be time to move out of the region. Why? Perhaps because play time is over. Perhaps because there are important things in life, like people. People make sacrifices for people, because that is what makes us human.

Here are some photos, starting with some outdoor photographs taken in Goshen about a week ago. I then come back to photographs I took at Purdue Calumet today. Yes, I call it Calumet because that is the region's name, Calumet. I grew up at Purdue Calumet, starting classes around 1981, leaving for a while, then getting back to it in 1996, graduating several times between 2000 and 2003. One learns to grow over a time like that, and it comes with connections with friends, Purdue Calumet, and the region.

I may later add more photos of the region to this post.  Here are some photos, starting with Goshen, for you to enjoy now.

Purdue Calumet

1985 - Lynn Olson

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