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SSRG 5/13/17

SSRG Derailers VS Circle City Party Crashers

SSRG Runaways VS Circle City Socialites

Charity - Regional Mental Health Center

All I can say is these ladies do not wimp out, and you do not want to look at them cross in a dark alley. These ladies endure, and are very proud of it. Note, this is not a sport for the weak. There are injuries from a hit in the head to broken bones and sprains.

All four teams played hard. For the first bout the Circle City Party Crashers won. The second bout went to the SSRG Runaways for never giving up. All I can say is that the second game was an awesome comeback, and a special recognition to the Circle City Socialites for playing a very difficult and tough game all the way to the end.

Here are some photos of the event, starting with some pre-game setup and warm up. Pleas note, I do not shoot "favorites". When I select, I will select what I want that represents my work. So if you do not see enough shots or to many shots of someone or some thing, please be assured it was not on purpose. This is just what I ended up with.

Bout 1
SSRG Derailers vs Circle City Party Crashers

Talk about maintaining form, being consistent, calibrating yourself. Take a look at this next photo, then scroll up 11 more photos.

Say it 3 times then click your skates, "I am not going to cross the line, I am not going to cross the line, I am not going to cross the line" . . .

When you know it is a tight squeeze (below photo), you hunker down and get ready to be slammed, then accelerate . . .

Yes it is a cliche, in the end they all won, because of self pride and team pride!

Time between 1st and 2nd bouts . . .

Bout 2
SSRG Runaways vs Circle City Socialites

Once and a while I inadvertently press the shutter button. Sometimes the photograph is sort of cool. Other times like WTF. This next one slides into the cool category, as does the photo at the top of this blog.

Talk about some getup and go in these next 2 photos . . . "I feel the need for speed".

You probably have seen Michael Jordan before he makes a successful play, knowing some greatness is going to happen when you see his tongue hang out. Well, here we are in derby land in this next photo . . . (sorry, I thought this was too cool to pass up)

Your response when one got away . . .

I swear that in this next photo these two were squaring off for a boxing match. Not the case. Just look your opponent in the eye and do your thing derby style.

Low and fast, and don't mind the knocks on the road . . .



2nd Half Game On

"Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me" - (Tiny Tim) . . . nothing even close to that but bruit force . . .

Breaking through . . .

And they are off . . .

I got this . . .

Flat track noth'n, I will bank all I want . . .


The End

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I will take this time to for a special thanks to the SSRG sponsors:

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