Friday, May 10, 2019

Griffith Central Market 5/10/19

I made it home earlier than usual, so I picked up Bubba (our dog) and went to our town season opening of the Griffith Central Market! Being early I was able to take advantage of photographing without a lot of people to work around.

So the story about Bubba is that he is a rescue dog. Being kept in conditions not favorable to an upbringing, he has learned not to like other dogs. He loves people, especially children, just not other animals. Though strangely enough he is good with my mother in-law's dog Pepper. Also, we found him when watching WGN News. He was on camera, the only pup standing up against the cage door, looking around wondering what's up. Today he still has that inquisitive mind.

So after an hour and a half we had to leave. Many other dogs came to the market today, and Bubba was not having anything to do with that. He has claimed Central Park as his, and no other animals allowed.

Still, for that short time if felt wonderful to see the Market back. If you have not had the chance, come out and take in the evening at the park. Stroll through the food and craft vendors, and stop to listen to some music.

You can check out my other blogs of Griffith Central Market by going to StreetPhoto.Me. Scroll about 2/3rds down the page (look for the string of towns and you will find the one with Griffith), then arrow through.

How about some jewelry that will blow your mind when you see it! Made from winning scratch off lottery tickets! (by Lucky Lottery Jewelry)

A couple of my favorite people who not only as a band named Hot Sauce, they also make Hot Sauce . . . Scoville Brothers Hot Sauce!

Come check out the Griffith Central Market every Friday from May 10 thru September 13th!

Griffith Central Market
600 N Broad St
(Central Park)
Griffith, IN  46319
Friday's 4:00 to 10:00 pm

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