Saturday, June 8, 2019

1st Sojourner Field Fly-In

This reminded me of when I was growing up, visiting the family farm on the weekends, on our private airstrip out in Minooka, IL. You never knew who would show up . . . Pete in his distinctive red and white clipped wing Cub or his red and white Cassutt, Dan in his Pitts bi-plane, both practicing their aerobatic routines. Others would fly in as well, in a 125 HP clipped wing Cub, Swifts, Cessna 140's, and anything else that flew.

Yet others would drive in to work on their airplane projects kept at the farm, to buy material for the construction at home, to get advice from my dad, or just wanting to be around aviation and seeing what was up at the farm.

Today's trip to the 1st Sojourner Field Fly-In brought back all of those memories. People flying and driving in to support aviation by socializing and showing their pride and joys. Aviation at it's finest. As with all fly-ins there was breakfast and lunch served, which I have to say was the best tasting I have had at a fly-in.

Like our family farm, Sojourner field has a 2,000 ft sod runway. Landing East you have to cross a 30 ft. electrical line that is well identified with large painted balls. Landing West no problems at all. Unlike the family farm North South runway where the 2,000 ft ended at the hanger door, and with the grade of the runway your safest bet was always landing North toward the hanger.

If you have a thirst for aviation, I suggest checking out Sojourner Field. It is a good place to go to, to kick back, and to see what might be going on. Friendly people on a friendly airstrip. Note, no fueling here. If you need fuel you will need to go to the Valpo airport.

I have a thing for radial engines, and for my bride pictured above.

Sojourner Field
49 S. 100 W.
Kouts, IN
Unicom 122.70
KVPZ AWS 125.725

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