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The One: The Matrix Parody Musical

By Wes Bushby:

There is a brilliance in this musical! Remember, this is NOT the Matrix trilogy . . . it is The One: The Matrix (a musical parody). No, you do not need to or want to watch the movie before you go. This performance stands on it's own. The writing, directing, acting do an excellent job to jog your memory with the twist of parody for pleasure.

I loved this. It was funny. It made my weekend. The props were perfectly selected and made for this show. The parody just enough in the right places, and over the top in more than just the right places.

I have to thank my two friends for this experience. First, for the Book and Lyrics, Laura Marsh. I first met Laura at MCL in "Caroline and Laura's Holiday Spectacular", back on December of 2014. My next friend is the Director, CJ Tuor. I first met CJ at Donny's Skybox for the production of WhoProv back on May of 2013. Both of these people mean a lot to me for what they do. They are inspiring, lovable, and on the go and in a direction of greatness. Most of all, they are great actors in their own right, so they know what it takes for a show like this.

You have actors in this show working with props, choreography, lighting and set design, music, that any actor would question "why am I doing this?" That did not stop these brilliant actors, because this was The Matrix, where unthinkable is thinkable, even if you have to pull multiple cardboard guns out of your jacket. The combination of everything was just perfect. Take one spec out, and it would not be the same.

The parody breaks you away from the actual movie, yet fits perfect for the movie, even when it seems strange, or a remembrance of your childhood, it is dance-able, and of course funny funny and lovably funny.

The Cast

Neo — Sean Rickert

Trinity — Bri Fitzpatrick

Morpheus — Tyler DeLoatch

Agent Smith — Bruce Phillips

Cypher — Mike Gospel

Oracle/Tank — Amanda Neal

Ensemble — Liz Anderson

Ensemble — Andreas Tsironis

Swing — Gillian Guidice

I want to thank Laura for giving me the opportunity to photograph and write my blog for this musical.

(One would not think so. I saw the musical again and liked it even more. Now more photos photos for you to enjoy.)

This next photograph is one of the very cool parodies in the show. This is the scene where Tom Anderson gets a call from Morpheus, directing him through the office so as not to be caught by Agent Smith. I had to bust with a smile a laugh.

Red or blue, you choose . . .

Insert the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song here . . .

There is a lot of action in this show. My camera just did not catch it well. A big kudos to choreography!!!

A small fill in monologue to sweep up the broken vases . . . well done!

The creativity of the actions scenes and how well the cast pulled them off were superb. Another one of those "you have to go see for yourself".

Come here. No, you come here. Nooo, you come here . . .

Everyone is going to have their favorite scene(s) and actor(s). For me, it was Liz Anderson at the head of the Sentinel puppet. Her movements, expression, poise was wonderful, and still allowing for credit to the other actors at the same time.

Still, any photograph one can take cannot do this show justice. There is just too much brilliance from the writer, director, cast, to be explained. The only way is to go see this show!

Believe me, I did not give anything away with these photographs either. If you want the full effect, the lady in red, the battles, you have to see it for yourself!!!

The show is for ages 11 and up.

Book and Lyrics by Laura Marsh

Music by Jon Monteverde

Directed by CJ Tuor

Lighting & Set Designer — Sam Begich

Props Designer — Ross Gerbasi

Script Consultant — Oliver Berger

Choreographer — Sheena Laird

Composer — Jon Monteverde

Marketing — Bruce Phillips and Emilie Hass

The One: The Matrix Parody Musical
1331 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL  60622
August 2 - 25

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