Friday, November 1, 2019

Lou, Gabe, and Jeff

It was very pleasing to see Lou Shields and Mississippi Gabe Carter again, and in one place. I met Lou about 10 years ago at Paul Henry's Art Gallery. He was the first musician that caught my attention. His delta bluegrass 30's style of music puts you in a simpler time, yet different and perhaps more difficult struggles. Lou can story tell just talking to us, and in the music he rights and sings. He gets his motivation from the vibrations around us during his travels, and his family history and people he meets. It becomes very special when you recognize one of those stories, because you were there. Like the story he told about Meredith Judd. Judd's photograph is above.

I met Gabe Carter (Mississippi Gabe) from our roots music Office Sessions. This was a unique time in my life and with the local (Chicago) roots music scene. Gabe's voice, tone, play, and deep down connection with God, all harmonize in to his Mississippi Bentoia distinctive style of blues. Gabe soulful music storytelling puts you in the moment as it was meant for.

Jeff Stone accompanied Mississippi Gabe, playing on his harp(s). Talk about blues revival, Jeff was amazing! (This was the first time seeing Jeff.) He stepped in, body and soul, giving us a night to remember.

Of course this evening would not have been possible without the upcoming Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival this weekend, held at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn. Here is the link. I really enjoyed the family and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you, Brian!

Lou Shields


Mississippi Gabe and Jeff Stone




Here is some "in camera" photographs I took (shown above in color), no post editing.

Lou Shields

Mississippi Gabe Carter

Jeff Stone

Friendly Tap
6733 Roosevelt Rd
Berwyn, IL 60402

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