Saturday, November 21, 2020

My Drill Index Is Full


Is it a big thing that my Drill Index Is Full? Heck yes. I bought the empty index in the early '70s. I could not afford a filled index. I bought drills as I needed them and put them in. Some I broke and did not replace, or at least until the next time I needed that size. So my hodgepodge of a drill set kept me going all of these years until a couple weeks ago when I needed a drill that I did not have. I made do, which bothered me. I am a Quality Manager amongst other titles. So there is no room for just "good enough".

So I put a shout out on Facebook knowing my bride would see it, and wrote "all I need for Christmas is my drill index filled with the missing bits". Well, people replied from "what do you need" to "if I put them back after I would have them".

Then, THEN, David Mueller replied "how many do you want"? Dave is the proprietor of Paul Henry's Art Gallery, which was converted from a previous family business P.H. Mueller Sons Hardware (opened 1887, moved to current location 1902). This place is an institution to us, located in Hammond, Indiana. It is a gem. Though today it operates primarily as an art gallery and a gathering point for local musicians on Thursday nights (all acoustic, and currently virtual), the hardware is still there to be sold. I mean the old time rugged cobalt tip drill bits, repair parts for Cresent wrenches (and others), and a heck of a lot more.

Aircraft builders!!!!! . . . he has some stock in high speed #30 drills old school American made!!!!

So, David helped me complete my index with the ten missing drills I needed. My bride bought me a 1/16" bit that David did not have, so my bride's Christmas shopping for me is done. (Many of the very small drill bits have been sold to hobbyist.)

Don't let the above photograph full you. The 1/2" is a short drill I bought special for a tight spot, with a 1/4" shank. It is there. You just do not see it sticking out like the wrest. I may one day update that to a classic all American cobalt tip drill from David's store.

Here are some photographs of Paul Henry's. If you have never been there you should go. Spend some money. Shop local, shop often, shop small!!!

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley St.
Hammond, IN 46329
(219) 678-5015

(phone ahead to confirm times, or to make an appointment)

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