Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Night At The Crossroads


Wow, what a show! What a talent pool of musicians this night! They fed off each other like wolves, creating a pack of rock and blues that is like no other. They dropped the hammer on this one, and it was heard across the region. "A Night At The Crossroads", where Woodstock meets Blues-Rock. That was how it was advertised, and that is how it went down . . . Crossroads.

As I have stated many times, NWI is dripping with talent. The region had it's best jam ever this night of our local talent. Probably in the history of the region. As my bride stated, this was epic!

I cannot help but smile when I think about what an excellent night this was. Billy Ozzello and Chris Grove, The Steepwater Band, Marrakesh Express. Fourteen (14) musicians and great people, all who I know. Many being close friends. They are my Rock family. They understand what it meant for NWI to do this show. They also knew what it meant to themselves to do this show. For NWI I thank you!!!

A big thanks you to XRock 103.9 The Classic Rock Of The Region WXRD. They support the rock all of us grew up with, and they support local music. Another thank you to Avenue 912. Such a beautiful venue. I intend to see more shows there. It spoke quality in every way imaginable. From employees to sound to facility.

Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

Billy Ozzello & Chris Grove

The Steepwater Band

Marrakesh Express, a CTNY Experience

Marrakesh Express
The Steepwater Band
w/ a little Sprinkle of Chris Grove Thrown In

Marrakesh Express ~ a CSNY experience

The Steepwater Band

XRock 103.9
The Classic Rock Of The Region WXRD

Avenue 912

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