Saturday, January 15, 2022

MegaBeatles at Avenue 912


I actually want to get the advertisements out of the way first.

A great thanks to Avenue 912 for opening up this venue and brining in local musicians who play both cover and original. It is a wonderful facility with great staff. Please get the word out fans so that we can keep this venue thriving!

A shout-out to Authentic Irish Tours Travel Agency. They are hosting a Liverpool-London Beatles Forever Tour for August 4-10, 2022. Seven days and 6-nights for $1,999 per person.

A big applause goes to the MegaBeatles. It was wonderful. Their passion brought emotion, different than if it were The Beatles, yet humbling in listening to and watching their show tonight. I felt like I was part of the band. I found myself drifting in thought because The Beatles songs apply to today just as much as they did back then.

For those who do not know, MegaBeatles are made of two bands, The Chris and Lou band, and the Crawpuppies. Both bands interact on stage, switching out drummers, bass players, and lead singers. So you will see just a few of them on stage at times, and the whole complement when needed.

The next MegaBeatles show "Beatles In The Barn" will be at the County Line Orchard on April 9th!!!

The next photograph far right you can see a silhouette. That is the bass player Aaron's wife, who was the first out on the dance floor! 😊


Avenue 912

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