Saturday, May 28, 2022

Head Honchos

Some pretty cool sheat went down tonight in Steger. This was the first time I had been to Austin Community Tavern. A biker type bar accepting all everything, as long as you enjoyed the beer, food, friendly environment, and most definitely the music. Failed to mention . . . great burger!!!

This was also the first time I have heard Head Honchoes. They've got that blues rock thang going on. And do not limit them to just that . . . imagine some funk thrown in. Each have their hand in the presentation for the journey they take you on. Mike Boyle I know, and it was very great to listen to him again. Rocco Sr. is very instrumental, helping you feel the music, taking his time when he needs to, and choosing what you will hear. Rocco Jr. well versed and with his own style.

I have to say that the band was great. However, who I really enjoyed was Will on drums. So fluid, so succint and artistic in his play, probably the most exciting drummer to watch that I have ever seen. I really enjoy this guy. Yet he does not take anything away from the band. He his just frick'n supportive of the music at any level, and including the band members. 

Here of some photos. They really do not do the band justice.

Head Honchos

Austin Community Tavern
81 East 34th St.
Steger, IL 60475

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