Friday, June 3, 2022

Griffith Central Market 6/3/2022

It is motivating experience watching and listening to local musicians on stage. It is a different vibe than big band concerts you would go to. These are our friends. The people next door. They are having fun performing for us, and for themselves, which gives you a much different connection to music. Local music is the best. Their success is your success.

Griffith Central Market has been around for a while now. It is expanding, becoming more fun for the family. The updates made to the park for this year are cool, organized. This helps make it fun.

I would like to make this a shout out Thank You to all the local musicians who play  here in Griffith, whether it be this venue or another. I appreciate you and all that you do to lift our spirits. Keep on keep'n on.

To start this evening . . .

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce has been around. I enjoy their folk music, bringing songs from our past. We need more like this to help balance our score of music.

Of course let us not forget what has drawn us here over the years. Music yes. The "Griffith Central Market" more yes.

Funky Mojo Daddy

Blues. That is all I will write about the music they play. About the band, well, I can never say enough. They say it for me. These guys are it!

Marrakesh Express ⁓ A CSNY Experience

This band of bandits are also an anchor for the region, spreading out to let everyone know that NWI is serious. All of these members love the other musicians in NWI. They humble themselves as do the other bands. What makes this band unique is that they do a very good job bringing us together with the music from Crosby, Stills, Hash, & Young, in a presence that is their own.

Now, people know I take a lot of photographs. I am trying to limit them. However, Pete (Pete Calacci) and I have been friends for 10 years now. He and The Robots were the first band I photographed. This evening Pete gave me a lot of photo opportunities. A big thanks to the lighting and sound for making this vibe for me.

A big thanks to all for this evening. I will post links to websites and social media later. I need to get this out before then.

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Always awesome ‼️

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Phenomenal, Wes.
Thanks for sharing

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Love your blog & pics! Awesome!!