Saturday, July 15, 2023

Park Full Of Art - Griffith 2023

So, we have a an annual thing every year in the Town of Griffith, called Park Full Of Art. This being the 48th annual! Some really nice art is shown, and this year from many of our local artists. One whom I know personally, Mr. Gary Price.

The event was not as big this year. Who knows exactly why. Perhaps all of the recent rains. Still, this did not stop the artists nor the public.

Park Full Of Art will also be held tomorrow, so please go check it out! I hope to attend and take more photographs which I will add to this blog post.

Griffith recently revamped the Central Park, to include fencing, new main path that is excellent for this event, and added a path shown above. It looks great. Though I am not very happy with the new fencing. The park does not look as inviting.

What was nice, and comfortable, was the new lumber on the park swing. It looks very nice and sturdy.

More photos for 7/16/2023, staring with one taken out my kitchen window.

Central Park
600 N Broad Street
Griffith, IN 43619


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