Thursday, December 28, 2023

Daryl & Pete Live At The Falls

I finally made it out to listen to some music again. My pals Daryl Grady and Pete Calacci played at Northwoods Falls this evening. Took my bride there to have a light supper. Also met my Sis there. In all I enjoyed the evening.

You can never go wrong with these two performers. They are unique in their own right, and together they bring something new to the forefront. Yes this can be said of many musicians, however this was their night and it played out very well for me.

Out of all the band musicians I have met in my life, I have known Pete Calacci the longest. He was the first musician in a band that I photographed. I have seen him grow into his now performance. He has the potential for more, and I do believe he will give it to us. Just keep an eye on him!

Daryl seems to be cut from the same cloth as it were, as me and my bride are. We can think a like, we can act a like. Laid back and care free, just wanting the "good vibes" around us. People tend to surround themselves with like people and greatness. I am glad to be part of Daryl's circle, because his friends have become our friends and it is a wonderful feeling.

Between Daryl and Pete you could not ask for a better pair of brothers. I love them as if they were my own. They give me back such joy of music that you miss them when it is all over for the evening. Wow, how cool would it be to be around them 24/7. Well, maybe not for them but it works for me!

Here are some photographs of the evening. Enjoy!

Do go to Northwoods Falls for some live music and eats. Their kitchen is open from 8am to 9pm Monday through Thursday, and to 10pm Friday and Saturday. Sunday 8am to 8pm. Menu and events (tabs) are found at the top of their website. Tell them "Wes the photographer" sent you . . . :)

Northwoods Falls
8101 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana

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