Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dave's Camera Mart - Munster IN

After shooting some "no flash" indoor photography the other evening, I realized I needed a faster lens with a zoom.  My source for my camera crave . . . Dave's Camera Mart in Munster . . .

One tends to use the Internet a lot for finding the best price and for shopping.  I know I do, and I spend a lot of money Internet buying.  However, some things are so personal such as my camera lens, you do not want to rely on someone you do not know on the other side of the keyboard as it were.  It is still the same price everywhere, commercially available, same product.  But what you miss is the service of a friendly smile, someone to talk to, answer any questions you have, and what most people probably do not think about, knowing who you are giving your money too!  There is a comfort in all that.

It is getting harder to find a true camera store these days.  One that can supply and develop film, sell different cameras, sell developing paper and chemicals, and the array of products that go with photography.  Dave's is one of the few places left in NW Indiana that does just that.  Now realize, the digital camera age has brought a lot of models out for each company who makes them.  It is costly to have a variety on display that will fit the quirks of photographers.  So Dave's usually has a limited few, different SLR digital cameras in the case from Cannon and Nikon.  If it is not in the store, it can be ordered, such as the lens I bought today.

Some people hesitate going into stores they or their friends have not been into.  And for some reason older stores more so.  So, I am going to introduce you to the inside of Dave's with some photos I took.  I hope this takes the fear away and you go check it out.

Service is what it is all about.  Satisfying the customer's needs, wants, and desires.  (The definition of quality that I use in my Lean Manufacturing blog.)  Internet shopping is okay, but how does that compare to going to Dave's . . . go and find out for yourself.

Dave's is located off the North side of Ridge Road in Munster, just East of Hohman Ave (junction of Meadow Lane and Ridge Road).  Parking is easily found behind the store.  Enter the store from the front, off Ridge Road.

As of 2015, Dave's Camera Mart is no longer in business.

Dave's Camera Mart
227 Ridge Road
Munster, IN
(219) 836-0100

M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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