Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paul Henry's Art Gallery - Hammond, IN

If you are looking for art, and specifically art of local talent, you need to visit Paul Henry's Art Gallery on Sibley Blvd. in Hammond, IN.  I did so for the first time today, not to look for and buy art, but because I just found out about this place.

The store is an old hardware store that now showcases many (and I mean many) local artists from paintings to photography, and now on Thursday nights local acoustical entertainment. I went through the gallery today and I was very impressed by the talent. This is not your typical gallery . . . perhaps better. It is a raw, take it as you see it, display of art that is creatively placed throughout the store.

The store is located on Sibley, just east of Hohman Ave, and behind the Towle Community Theatre. Parking is located behind the store, between Sibley and Fayette. Enter at the back of the store, through the green door. Special Note: When the store is open, just give the door a little shove and push. No door knob turning is required!

David Mueller was there when I arrived, sitting and enjoying life as it were.  He is very friendly and very willing to give you whatever information you may want on the artist and what goes on in the gallery.

The store itself is just as interesting as the gallery, built in 1902.

Artwork can be found everywhere.  When you first go in, especially after seeing the hardware store sign from outside, your senses are not necessarily in tune to the art.  What first grabs you is the wood floors, counters, rolling ladders, wood display cases.  After you look around and absorb that, you then begin to notice the fantastic art.

The back room invites you to sit down and paint for yourself, however the walls speak in such loud voice that you just want to look around.

The two pieces of art on the right caught my eye (to the right in the above photo).  It made me wish I had a bigger house so I could buy the art for myself and hang them.  (My place is a bit small, with paintings from my mom and others.  No place to properly store at the moment if I were to rotate them.)

I think it is fitting that I chose the wallpaper for this blog too (though over time I may change it).  It reminds me a lot of this gallery.  I would like to display my mom's work at this gallery.  Not to sell, but for others to look at and enjoy as much as I do.  Maybe this summer.

I strongly recommend if you are in need of a painting to bless an open spot on your wall, that you visit Paul Henry's Art Gallery.  Everything is reasonably priced.  Talk to David to get to know the artist, even ask to meet the artist, and take a piece of art home.  There is so much varied talent that if you do not find what you want, select an artist and find out if you can commission some work.  I believe it would be well worth it.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN 46320
Mon thru Sat 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Sunday Noon to 5:00 PM
Thursday Night Jam Starts 7:00 PM


Anonymous said...

appreciated your dissertation and photography - you captured Paul Henry's Art Gallery eloquently - my favorite place to be on Thursday nights!

Wesley Bushby said...

Thanks. This was my first visit there, on a Saturday morning. Met David for the first time, and felt welcomed like I was a relative. That all reflects in the photography. First Thursday JAM was December 29th, right after my first visit. Been happy ever since!