Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Doctor Who - Van Gogh's exploding TARDIS

When I saw the Doctor Who episode "The Pandorica Opens", with River Song (Alex Kingston) looking for a painting, getting caught by the future Queen, and showing up in Roman times as Cleopatra to show The Doctor the painting, I was entranced. When the doctor rolled the painting open it was a Van Gogh (fictional) of the TARDIS exploding, I knew I had to have one. So I commissioned one.

This oil painting was commissioned from my friend Elisa of NW Indiana. One of my pride and joys. The canvas is stretched over a frame, and has yet to be framed . . . that is if I choose to frame it.

And, I think I will quote myself here for the record, "Think inside the TARDIS box."  For those who have watched Doctor Who and who know what a TARDIS is, this will make sense.

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