Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sandridge Nature Center - South Holland IL

A wilderness in the suburbs.  That is how I can best describe the Sandridge Nature Center located in South Holland.

When I was younger my mom would take us to the nature center for a change of pace.  Perhaps more so to wear us out.  The trails are long enough to get some exercise, they take you through trees and ponds, and they have some wildlife to sit and observe.  My favorite as a kid was the badger they had.

Sandridge Nature Center has improved over time.  A new visitor's building, and classes on nature and the habitat.  Today (Jan. 2012) my son and I just finished a walk so we could GPS map the trail.  When we came back, kids were showing up for the trail hike exercise.

View as you walk in from the West Lot (Jan 2012)
Map of the Trail System outside Visitors Center
My Son's GPS Map

If you are looking for a trail to get some exercise on, that is walk-able for the entire year, then it would be the yellow path shown on the GPS map.  This is the least bumpy and high enough not to get too wet.  Next would be the Orange trail.  The green trail beyond the orange, and around the blue, takes you outside the fenced in area that keeps the deer out, and is a bit more rocky, with some exposed tree roots to walk over, and can be a bit muddy after a rain.

Here are some more photos taken January 2012.  Some of these photos are just for you to get a feeling of the nature center, while others are intended to show off some photography.  Enjoy!

The following are photos that were taken in the fall of 2011:

There be Beavers Out Here!

So, if you are in need of a quick get away, check out Sandridge Nature Center, located between the Bishop Ford Freeway and Torrence Avenue, North of 159th street, on Paxton Avenue.

Sand Ridge Nature Center
15890 Paxton Avenue
South Holland, IL
(708) 868-0606

Seasonal Hours, so please refer to their website for more information.

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