Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday Night Jam Session . . .

I had to go back and experience another night at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, and I am glad once again that I did. Three of the musicians from last week were there again this week, along with several new artists (new to me that is).  A comedian provided us with laughter, a poet with warmth and feeling.  The jazzy sax was there again, and more.

I arrived early and shot some photos from inside.  And by the way, if you like any of the photos in any of these blog entries, please comment.  Everyone is unique, which makes us all special.  I am looking to find what is in common :)

First up was Michelle Milan who played the piano to open us into the groove for the evening.  I enjoyed her character throughout the evening.  The confidence, comfort, came out of her in everything she did.

Next up Tony Cortina.  He came across as the most likable and personable guy you could meet.  I am glad I was able to see / listen to him.  My only regret was that I did not get up and shoot more photos of him.

We all had the super pleasure of meeting James Wesley Jackson, and to learn what an environmedian is.  Or at least I think we learned.  It was a blast being able to laugh like that.  It was fun to take photos of him, though I sadly admit my camera and I didn't get along at that particular moment, so any good photos I was looking for became slim pickens.

Back again was Lou Shields.  I have to say my writing skills, ability to articulate what Lou does, is lacking.  So am not doing him justice right now.  Lets just say he would be a household staple . . . you just want him around . . .

A smaller attendance this night than last Thursday which was the end of the new year.  Some new faces were there.  Though everyone is new to me . . . only my second night there!

And still a gem, Carl Strain singing to us.

Okay, now this gentleman was great on the piano, and his name is Thomas Matecki.  Again, I am doing the artist a dishonor for my lack of music knowledge.  All I can say it was great!  He is a jazz piano player who performed Monk, Coltrane, and one of his own compositions (thanks for the info Dave).

I think someone found Lou's guitar . . .

Now understand, this gallery is for the artist, of all forms, and it was a real pleasure to have a poet in the ranks.  Yusuf El apparently was there last year with all of his poetry in a binder, which is now bound under the title, "Raw Tears".  His poetry told stories that sucked you in close and comfortable, and kept you at a distance because you did not know what was going to come next.

The unusual talent of Davideo and instrument the Kalimba (thumb piano) . . .

Melissa and "Keyboard Richie" were back and played a couple sets again.  I enjoy listening to Melissa on the sax.  Tonight she had some very strong, in the zone, grooving music.  I would like to hear her play that strong and in depth more often.

No, I was not drinking (I swear) . . . I just like shooting the camera differently at times . . .

Two out of 2 now for birthdays, though this one almost became a meltdown for David . . . hey, mine is February 12th Dave :)

Michelle blessed us again with some guitar . . .

There is a reason whey these people are so focused . . . that reason . . . the person on the piano, Michelle.

Next up was Victor Valdez that has a lot of talent, all wrapped up, expanding out, knowing his own talent, yet humble enough to know there is much more . . .

The most brilliant part of Victor was his own music . . . he's good!

Next up was Maureen Garrison accompanied by Richie on the paino.  After she loosened up, she did her own thing.

And up one more time was Michelle singing A Capella.  Well sort of.  She involved the audience to help her keep beat by having us clap.  Well most of us . . . I stopped my foot because I had my camera in hand.  This was a fun part of the evening.

Victor was ready to go again, but lacked a guitar.  By this time I was in need of sleep needed to function at work tomorrow.  So I had to leave before Victor played again.

In all it was a great night.  I cannot wait until next week.  Not just because of something new at the gallery, but also because I should have my new camera lens!

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