Friday, August 3, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots - I want more!

Wow, The Robots were great tonight. What an evening. I go to The Track Lounge because I like these guys. As I have written, they feel like family, the way they let you into their music. However, tonight was exceptionally powerful. There seemed to be a little bit of everything, sort of melding on its own as the night went on. However, it was not doing it on it's own. It had Bob Sherman behind it, coaching, leading, finessing the music as it went so seamlessly from song to song, yet not so seamless because each second was so unique it kept you captivated. Bravo!

Tonight Pete Calacci played hooky, and Marty Mayer stepped in to not fill Pete's shoes, but to give us a different look. Marty settled in quick, and before you knew, each song you could here Marty's influence that helped bring the house down. And I mean Bring The House Down!!!!! Never saw so much focus on the band, and dancing at The Track Lounge.

It was simple. The stars were all aligned for us that night. It came together because of the difference, yet togetherness of each member of the band, and musician friends of the band who came up to join them. So with that, let me show you the photos . . .

The other musician friends of The Robots stepped up, rotated in and out somewhat like a tag team. This put a lot of flavor into the evening.

Roy Waters was there this evening.  I have enjoyed his play, his voice, his "get down" ever since I first saw him with The Robots.  I had taken a photo the first time I had met him, and his photo was the first print off my new printer.  I liked it so much that I had it blown up at another print shop to 24x36, to see how well the photo held up in enlargement.  Being I do not use flash, and that I had pushed the ISO as fast as I could, I was curious.  Well, even that enlargement turned out.

I have kept those photos for some time, waiting for the chance to give them to Roy.  I did not have them with me this night, however it was important enough to get them to him.  So I asked The Robots, that if I went home to get them, would they do me the honor of presenting them to Roy on behalf of The Robots and I.  So we did just that.  This next photo is of Bob holding it up in front of Roy.  The photo after is the one I took that night.

Now some photos of Roy from this night . . .

And Danny playing slide with a bottle . . . was pretty cool . . .

Like I wrote, everyone was having a good time tonight.  I did a lot of dancing, and running around to back home and back to The Track Lounge to get Roy's photo.  So I did not capture the entire evening, which I believe was better than my photos are showing.  I would suspect this will carry over to their next gig at The Track Lounge, September 7th.

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The Track Lounge
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(219) 663-9838

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