Friday, August 10, 2012

Chicago Art District - My Kind of Place

I planned on going to the Chicago Art District this evening, however as good fortune had it, a couple other people I just met were going to.  So we met up at the hub as it were, and made our way around to all of the studios.

As I walked around inside and out, I could not help feel that I wanted to be closer.  Closer to the passion.  Perhaps some day . . . soon . . .

Here are some photos.

Realize, this 18th street Halsted area of Chicago is lined with building East and West, filled with artists studios, that just make your heart pound, saying Let Me In!  This is a great area to just enjoy, walking outdoors, going inside.  The people have been great both times I have been there, and I see no reason why that should ever change.

There are many studios, and it is not fair to point any specific one out. So, I am still going to cheat a little and say these next couple photos are from a studio I enjoyed. The one really important thing about all of this, about all of my photography of other artists art, is that the other artists created it. The store owners displayed it. I photographed it. All deserve their own credit, of which there are hundreds of people involved here. The best I can do is to say, go to all of these galleries and look at all of the art. It is one of a kind, a treasure to be found, a journey that will always be yours, and only yours.

I found, as did the other photographers with me, that looking outside the windows of the galleries was quite interesting.  Not that some of the photos I took would ever be considered classics or cool, however it is something I have never taken before and it was a great learning experience.

This next photo is me trying to get up in the morning . . . okay, not me, but you get the idea . . .

And a view out my window . . . okay, not my window, but it could be . . . will be . . . at least similar to . . . if you only new . . .

This next gallery sort of reminded me of something out of Doctor Who . . . yeaaaaa . . .

Some more potential home window views . . .

These next two ladies, these next two musicians, these next two Artists, were great.  I wanted to stay and listen to more, however I had another place to be.  As I left, I felt sad, in that in my heart I believe I chose unwisely to leave at that moment.  I hope these two ladies, musicians, Artists, see my blog and will contact me, because I would really like the chance to again photograph them, as I know I can do better.

Would be nice to have a live-in studio in this district . . . anyone want to join?????

Chicago Art District
South Halsted and 18th Streets
(1821 S. Halsted for GPS)
Chicago, IL

All Studios Open To The Public Every 2nd Friday
Starts 7:00 PM

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