Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dance In Love performance - The Dance Gallery

Originally I was going to wait until I came back from my trip this week to complete this entry.  I am backed up with about four blog entries to do, and generally would like to keep them in sequence.  However, I see many people have gone to the trouble of looking at my brief entry I posted.  Because of your passion for the dancers, the art, your family, I am going to complete this now.

I have never photographed a dance recital  let along dancers before.  It was thrilling to me.  Why?  Well, as in all my photography, I become energized by the event.  As I do, I try to capture it.  This evening was another tough one to photograph.  I do not use flash, the room was small to photograph in, and I was sitting on the floor and was not mobile.  The result . . . I still had fun!!!!  Even though the photos are not what I wanted with respect to focus and color, the fun, the energy, the happiness of all the dancers out ways all that.  The photos may not be in perfect order.  I was using two cameras, so I am combining and giving it my best shot on the sequence.

Here are the photos . . .

The dancer in the middle I really enjoyed. Yes, we all have our favorites. Most because of family. As an outsider looking in, this dancer told a beautiful story. I saw her voice in her dance that I related to. Yes, I get emotional about art. When I see something or someone extraordinary these days, I let it in. Life is too short. Please do not take anything away from the other dancers. They were all wonderful. Each had their voice too. This dancer just spoke to me, that life is joyful, which I agree.

This dancer also sang to us. Her voice was beautiful. One song there were some high notes that would be challenging to anyone who is not a professional. She attacked it.  For us, the audience, it was perfect. The second time the verse came up she chose to skip it, and looked like she felt bad about her decision. Believe me, I did not feel bad about that choice at all. Her performance was great, and we (I) were very proud of her for knowing her boundaries. All one could do is respect her for that and feel proud for her.

Oh my, Michael Jordan watch out (photo below) . . . talk about air time with perfection . . .

Support the arts. They are a very important part of our culture. Of ourselves. It means a lot to the artist to know we care. We care when we listen to what they have to say, in whatever form of art they choose. These dancers were great. I hope I am invited back to watch and photograph again. It is an honor.

To all of the dancers, singer, piano player, be very proud of this evening, because we felt proud of you!!! All of the dancers had sincere smiles on their faces. This is a compliment to their instructor, Amy White Hanas, owner of The Dance Gallery in Munster. If you want to offer your child a life experience, I would think you would want them to dance . . .

The Dance Gallery
27 Ridge Road
Munster, IN
(219) 836-2166

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