Saturday, December 15, 2012

Martyrs' Chicago with . . . (check it out)

Artists never cease to amaze me. Their art changes as they change, making everything new again. Combinations of band lineups do the same. This night, though perhaps not much different to some, was very different for me. I met new friends, learned more about the artists I was photographing through photographing, and became connected in this ever changing way.

Martyrs Chicago is pretty cool. It was my first time there. The lineup for tonight was . . .

Jillian Speece - Lead Vocal
Nathan Hoff - Lead Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Sean Norris - Drums
Nathan Miller - Bass
Kevin Krizmanich - Keyboard
Neil Carmichael - Lead Guitar

Ian Roy Rodriguez Ponce - Base, Vocals
Eric Sherman - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Bartlett - Drums, High Fives

Kevin Daniels Palka - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica, Kick / Stomp Box
Nate Bishop - Bass
Johnny Prestipino - Banjo

Each of these bands were unique. Each brought their own energy. Each brought their "voice" and had a story to tell.

Kevin Daniels and Friends were up first. I met and photographed this band for the first time at Reggies Music Joint. My pal Lou Shields was playing there, which was what brought me out. Once again, like at Reggies, Kevin Daniels and Friends were rich in music. A sound that is their own. One you like listening to. So I bought a CD!!!!

Here are some photos.  When you get a chance, you can check some more out from Reggies Music Joint here.

Kevin Daniels and Friends, is just what they say . . . Kevin Daniels and Friends. They make friends, the band is made up of friends, and I now consider them my friends. Good job boys!!!!

This next band is new, however, their music was well played. They have a future. Here are photos of Brother Ember . . .

These guys, Brother Ember, have something going. Keep an eye out. From me to them . . . keep the passion of music in your heart, and it will all come together.

The Bergamot

Wow!  Again, Wow!  The Bergamot was up next.  They had the place dancing as they promised.  Everyone cranked up their personal enjoyment level a few notches I think.

This first photo says it all, floating on air, dynamically charged with fun . . . on our toes fun . . .

And Jillian whistles . . . and darn good too . . .

I swear, her feet never touched the floor the entire night . . .

Well, okay, maybe one foot . . .

And, they had a nice layout of merchandise, and I bought . . . tis the season to spend some money aye . . .

As always, get out, support your local artists, and have some fun. They need to know we care, and we need their art, of all forms.

3855 North Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL  60613
(773) 404-9494

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