Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the Please, Please Me . . . at Reggies

I like "the Please, Please Me" band, and I like Reggies. Combine them . . . I had a most enjoyable evening with food and music.

the Please, Please Me band hales from Austin, TX. I first met them at the Elbo Room, and have seen them a couple other times since. This band is a very good indie pop band because of their written music and stage presence. They want the challenge, and the opportunity, to entertain all of us. They are positive and uplifting. They enjoy the simple things in life like Reggies and the patrons of Reggies. I hope to see them at Reggies again, soon.

Let me introduce you to these fine people, people who are real people, people who want to make a difference . . .

Jessie Torrisi - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Alissa McClure - Cellist

Agustin Frederic - Drums

Here are some photos of the evening. Reggies is a very tricky place to photography because of the heavy red lighting they use. I have found ways to make it work, though I think I need to use a fill flash next time.

This trio of fun is all that . . . fun. You can hook up with them on Facebook, and check out there website here:

the Please, Please Me

Also, check out Reggies.  I had the best BBQ pulled pork sandwich I have ever had in Chicago this night.

Reggies Music Joint
2105 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60616

And and and . . . check out our pal Lou Shields at Reggies for their Moonrunners Music Festival tomorrow, Saturday the 27th.  The entire day is packed with music for everyone.  Lou goes on around 6:00 PM (I believe).  I say PM, because the jams start in the AM and go all day!!!!!

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