Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wes' Excellent Adventure II

Another lesson in lighting, and for me, to also work with models.  I would do this again in a heart beat.

Passion and commitment in what you do.  What do I do?  Photography.

I am still “green” when it comes to photography.  When it comes to passion and commitment, I am a seasoned player.  Last year I chose to combine the two.  The outcome, the most wonderful year I have had in my life.  Not even as a child have I had so much fun.  One begins to think, “can I continue this journey?”  With the passion and commitment, I can . . .

Going back to the Canon Live Learning workshop, and under the guidance of Parish Kohanim, I continued my journey into photography.  I was a bit skeptical going to this last year.  My fear was, I did not want to do what other photographers were doing.  Meaning, 2+2=4.  Schools have taught us that if we do this and this we get a certain result.  This is based on others experience, development, and truth.  For me, I do not want to repeat what others have done.  This has been my strife through life, to do things "Wesley" style.  To be fulfilled, I need my definition that this plus this does not have to equal that, but equals me.

Parish is driven by his passion and commitment.  This is very obvious.  Because of this, he has developed himself to “see”, to solve problems by what he has learned for himself, and to develop his own solutions for (continual learning).  Yes, Parish can sure create!

For Parish, it is not about this ratio of lighting in this type of setting, or where to place lighting in this type of photography.  It is not about formulas or repeating the same process.  It is about seeing, understanding cause and effect, applying what he knows, or developing something new.  It is about the passion and commitment, with a lot of “what if”.  I see it as a continual journey of improvement, choosing to take a different path as often as one can.  For me, it is also the path least taken, and if I can find it, the one never taken.

This weekend was my confirmation that I have grown in the field of photography.  It was a reflection over the last 12 months of my passion and commitment.  I learned this is a never ending journey, one that brings new excitement every step I take.  I learned there is self-fulfillment with every step.  I found, and now have confirmed, that passion and commitment are essential ingredients . . . the empirical equation that binds all of us in our joy of life.

Here are some photos I took over this weekend’s workshop.  We were given a task, sort of a freestyle task, to take photos in lighting conditions that were man made (with intent . . . which I failed miserably with exception of the top photo), and natural lighting.  Please read the last paragraph as well!

Day 2

This next photo was funny. I do not think the other photographers caught it. Amy Lee chose to do a little acting. The look on her face told me, "Oh, why are these photographers asking me to do this again?"

Oh it was nice being a hippie growing up (and I still am). It helped me to appreciate this next set of photos . . .

Dance, song, fine art, music, photography . . . these are forms of emotion that one can become passionate and committed to. We need to embrace them as the root of our soul, to not get caught up in the hype of commercialism, like buying designer jeans that we never knew we needed, yet we have been convinced we need to be passionate about it. Yes, we live in an economy world.  There is a balance.  For me, my photography has become my balance and one that I am passionate and committed to.

Thank you again, Canon and Parish, for this weekends workshop.  Here are all the people who made this weekend happen:

Parish Kohanim – our photography guru 

Parish’s Wife, Rosanne – who was the greatest host 

Kristen Diane Cunningham – Canon Host
(Manager, Education and Training at Canon) 

Drew McCullum – Canon Product Educator 

Kimberly – model

Amy Lee – model 

And a host of other learners like me . . . 

For more information on Canon Live Learning, click here.

For more information on Perish Kohanim, click here.

Special Note: These models work for an agency. This agency does not give you permission to use any of these photos for advertising or any other other use. I am being allowed to show them to you for personal use only.  So I cannot / will not provide permission for further use.

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