Friday, April 19, 2013

Trip to Wes' Excellent Adventure II

It was fun taking photos, without regard to framing or focus, just picking up / point / click. It was "like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Though a long drive, it was a fun trip to Atlanta. You see something, you point and click and hope something is in the frame when you look at it later. As I looked at the photos last night and this morning, the "child" in me came out. All anxious, waiting, curious. As I type this right now, I realize why I came to Atlanta . . . to "see".

I went to bed last night, asking Atlanta to give me her "voice", "sound", "feel". I woke up this morning saying out loud, Thank You Atlanta, for Having Me!!! 

My intent was to take photographs this morning. As it turns out, it is raining, so I spent most of my time driving around. Lots of photo ops, but not from the car. Atlanta is one of those cities you need to be on the ground, stomping in the rain, going "oh look . . . click". Instead, I just took it in. I needed to be sure my camera was going to function tomorrow, so I did not need to bring it out in the rain and chance things . . . though my gut also tells me I should. Maybe I still will.

Here are some photos from yesterdays drive to Atlanta, and some photographs in Atlanta. If I take some more today I will add to this post. Oh, also most of these were taken from a moving 70 mph car!

Two points along Indiana's I-65 had signs stating that 8 construction workers were killed in construction zones in 2013. At these points, they have displayed 8 safety vests, with the request to "Slow Down" when driving through construction sites.

Remember years ago, the commercial of an Indian canoeing or walking down the stream, seeing all the pollutants, garbage, unnatural stuff, all along the river bank? He cried.  This light pole and pavement reminds me of that.

Rarrrrr . . .

Zoom zoom . . .

Hammer time . . .

The adventures of Tom Sawyer????

Moe gets around. Or at least he runs a lot of places in Atlanta. These next two photos are of Moe's Original Bar B Que . . . one of many establishments named Moe . . .

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always fun to see your photo journalism - thanks for sharing with us -