Monday, October 7, 2013

Wes' Field Trip 2

I was able to go to Seattle again. The second time in a couple months. This time, I made time, to enjoy myself. Typically I am on the road for business, and I stick to business, wanting to get back home as soon as possible. Not this time!!!

Both times have been sunny days (when I was able to site see). Very unusual for this area. So I considered myself lucky. This time I chose to stay near the Pike Place Market, so I would not have to drive anywhere to take in what Seattle had to offer. Great choice!!!

The first few photos were taken from my hotel room.

The hotel had a deck on the roof for relaxing. Here are some photos from the deck . . .

Pike Place Market is the place to go. Shops of every kind, indoor and outdoor, multilevel nooks here and there because everything is built on a hill. You want fish, they have fish!!! And, they have music. The first direction I went was toward Kitty Mae (first photo below). I could hear her as I entered the street from the hotel. I found this very enjoyable, seeing a performance on the street. It reminded me of the Chicago Art District when I photographed a couple musicians. Music for the people, taken to the people, enjoying the people, and of course for the musician wanting to make some money.

Food, flowers, crafts, it is all there. Very business like, very busy, very touristy. Very inviting . . .

The next two photos are for my friends Renee and Lou, who love their coffee. This, I believe, is the first Starbucks which opened on Pikes Place back in 1971. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)  Seemed like every coffee drinker, even non-coffee drinkers, were there to take in the experience and nostalgia of the first Starbucks.

Okay, a lame photograph. The brown building is the hotel where I was staying.

This next photo is for my friend Debra, being the religious person she is . . .

I got caught up in the commercialization, touristy type of photography. I realized that, and broke out to do what I want to do more of. Street photography.

This alley (next few photos) was cool. Also disgusting after you realized what it was. All of the color dots you see is chewing gum, placed there by people who walk the alley.

My dinner. No, I did not choose fish. Thought I would try a gyros, however, nothing tastes like back at home . . .

Late night Sunday, and the vendors packing up to go home.

The next morning I went to work, and afterward, more photography. These next couple of photos are for my friends Renee and Lou too. This is the Starbucks corporate headquarters.

Back to the hotel. Around the corner from the hotel was a very nice bistro that I had lunch at. I only photographed the flowers in front of me. The photo is not the greatest, however it is the most comforting which reflects the mood of the environment.

Back around 2001 I was participating in the student leadership program at Purdue. I believe it was there where I read the book "Fish!". (Lundin, S., Paul, H., & Christensen, J. (2000). Fish!) It is a quick read, and I do recommend reading it. In the book, they mention the Pike Place Fish Market, and fish tossing. This is one big reason why I wanted to stay near this market, to witness this. Here are some photos. As someone has already commented to me, it is like "Where's Waldo". So I have taken the liberty of circling a in a couple photos where the fish is as it goes through the air.

Coming back home I was happy to find we were pulling up at United Gates C, at O'Hare. This is the furthest terminal, however, United has done a great job to make your trip down this long lane a very comforting journey. I stopped to photograph.

Then I started photographing at lower shutter speeds. The black blurs that look like ghosts are people on the automated walkway.

The next few photos were shot intentionally for effect.

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