Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dealer's Choice Imrov at Studio BE

This evening I have come to the conclusion that improv is like a great band. You need to know your fellow member, listen to each other's specific note, observe every little gesture. You must be in rhythm   In fact, I think bands, great bands, groups of musicians, should take improv to understand what becoming an improv / band means. That the synergy found through study of improv can take a band beyond their expectation.  Don't limit it there, because it applies everywhere.  Okay, yes, I am thinking of taking improv classes, perhaps to learn how to better interact with my environment of photography.

Tonight at Studio BE I witnessed talent. Just not talent. New talent. New talent in that several of these improvs have never performed together. Stephanie McCullough Vlcek had a plan. A plan to experiment, like creating an experiment in chemistry. Okay, there is a pun here, however, if you were not at Studio BE tonight you are not going to get it, and I am not going to give it to you. Go!!!

For this to work, I saw Stephanie "do her thang". She put the group of 12 improvs in a circle and made them improv exercise. This in itself was very entertaining. It was a "get to know your fellow imrpov" exercise. It was hilariousness to watch, and also educational for us in the audience. At least for me. This is why I came to the conclusion that improv is like a great band. You can only become great, if you can do improv!!!

Here are some photos of the evening. I do encourage you to go see at least one improv at Studio BE. Be prepared to get hooked, like I have. Also, to get hooked, try putting yourself in their shoes doing what they do. You will gain a lot of respect for them. Hence, you come back for more . . .

What I also find interesting in improv is when they break out in song. All original, all unwritten, all non-rehearsed. Yes, there may be some rules. However, when you see them break out in song, with as many improvs singing, you would not know this is totally something new.

Warm ups are over. Now for the improv, ready . . . set . . . Go !!!!!!!!!!!

Vamp time . . .

I get so caught up in enjoying the improv, I fail to stay in touch that I have a camera in hand. She flew from one pole to another, clinging as she landed, and I did not even think to take the flight shot.

Devil time. Yes, I may have predicted who would be the Devil, however, this understanding is what makes improv even more fun. You EXPECT a character to return, or some derivative there of. This helps me, the audience, to place some context to the improv so we do not feel we have to "catch up" with what is going on.

The two priests (sitting) make the Devil wait. So, the Devil plays with the yo-yo as he is forced to sit on the side line as it were.

We were taking bets, but no they did not . . .

Dog time. It is interesting to see an improv jump start. Each improv has his or her impression on what to do. Once they feel it from one another, as in the earlier warm ups, they begin to create their role. Not knowing what the end will be, the beginning and end can be quite different. Roles that were perhaps looked at as fill in, until something better can be thought of, can become a hilarious improv, as with the two dogs that developed from this improv. (One dog enjoying his Vodka a bit too much.)

This was funny. You recognize two dogs checking each other out by sniffing each others hind quarters, but you would not have thought that through this process a plan to escape was part of these gestures. Though their plan is spoiled one a human comes to rub their back, or stomach. Dog love must come first.

Oh, I do not think this was a random occurrence. I think Stephanie could not pass up this chance of a pregnant lady and her husband going to the hospital.  That brought back memories of me driving my pregnant wife, and now 30 year old son, to the hospital.

Improv is about feeling what is around you. The improvs on their chairs could not resist the moment to join in on some harmony to these two singing.

Freeze tag time . . .

Here are some photos from the surrounding community, and of Studio BE . . .

Where can you go see this????

Studio BE
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900

I loved all of these imrovs, these artists.  A lot has to do with them loving each other, respecting each other.  When that shows, it pumps us up in the audience.  It experience level increases.  The warm up or exercise if you want to call it, at the beginning, really set the improv / musical rhythm for me.  It pulled me in, hoping I could participate.  That is what art is suppose to be.

Thank you Improvs!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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