Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Office Session - 10/20/2013

Good people + Good music = Good Times

That sums it up. Well, not really. There are emotions, the vibe, that is brought out by each musician and each of us who are present, whether dancing, singing, or taking photos. There is more to it than looking at my photographs. The reality, the being there, is the experience.

Jody Robbins hosts this event. He provides his time, a space to jam, and encourages us to join in. I am thankful I have met Jody, and that I can practice my photography on this event. It is truly an experience, emotionally as I develop my photography.

I experimented this evening. Not too successful with respect to having a lot of photographs to show you. Very successful in that I know, to some extend, what not to do next time. Though, I can be thick headed and will probably try it again. Insane? Yes, and I love it . . .

Here are some photos of the evening, as shot (no software correction), starting with Lonesome Tony (on guitar).

If you have not yet figured out, I am a quiet person by nature. A bit shy. When I get the camera in my hand most of that goes away. Put me on the dance floor, and all that goes away. Being the fly on the wall, as it were, I get to photograph candid shots like this next one . . .

The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Deacon Marrquin photo below . . .

The End


I saved the best for last . . .

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