Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wes' Psychedelic - No Drugs Needed

This blog entry is for my project. The project being, psychedelic images made "in camera" without any post production work.

Growing up in the hippie era I dabbled in lighting effects. I made my own rotating color wheel, strobe effects, you name it I dabbled in it. I never thought to do it "in camera" back then. A couple years ago, as I restarted my journey into photography, I did give it a try. A bit uncontrolled. A bit unpredictable. As I experiment I am finding I can do this with some predicted outcome. The outcome itself, pretty cool if you ask me.

I know someone is going to doubt this is all "in camera". However, all but maybe a small few are straight from camera, without post production. Any post production I have done to those small few would be adjustments in lighting.

As I proceed with this project I will include the photos at the top of this blog. That will save you from having to scroll down each time to find any updates.

P.S. All these photos are protected under copyright law. I do not give permission to anyone to download.


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