Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wes' Excellent Adventure III

I chose (once again) to attend the Canon 2014 Destination Workshop with Parish Kohanim, our guru, to learn more lighting and working with models. These workshops have become part of my journey. Not just for photography. For life too. (This was also the first Destination Workshop for 2014 which was somewhat cool in itself.)

Portraiture, Speedlites, composition, interaction with models (both professional and non), and the never ending "what if", captured this weekend for me. I have to thank Parish, from my heart, for being who he is. He connects photography to a story, a feeling, a newness. Whatever is in front of you I have learned a photographer can make great. His philosophy follows mine. We both look for the best in life, through our personal lens. Each unique.

This weekend I also worked with 15 other photographers who are following their journey. I learned from them as well. This part of the workshop is overlooked, and yet is it the most important. Learning from others. These 15 people collaborated, shared insights, solutions, knowledge from their personal journeys. This was just as important as learning from Parish. For that, I thank each of them for helping me grow my journey.

Though I took fewer photographs this year, I believe my learning became the most. I was able to talk to others with confidence about my journey, what I had learned that might help them in their journey. My mission this year is to maintain a heightened level of quality in my photographs (which is why I enjoy studying under Parish). I want to crop and enhance my photos to show even more the story I am wanting to tell with them.  These photos show just that.  I directed the models, found or created the lighting and scenery I (we) wanted, then edited the photos.  (I rarely edit photos.)  With that, have a look at this weekend . . .

This family walked through, saw us, and asked Danielle if she would take their picture with their camera. Well, I took one with mine too.

Another candid photograph of the public at play . . .

A wedding taking place on the beach next to where we were shooting. 

Yet another photograph of the public playing in the mirror . . .

Dance, song, fine art, music, photography . . . these are forms of emotion that one can become passionate and committed to. We need to embrace them as the root of our soul, to not get caught up in the hype of commercialism, like buying designer jeans that we never knew we needed (yet we have been convinced we need to be passionate about it). Yes, we live in an economy world where we desire instant gratification. Even in our photography.  There is a balance.  For me, my photography has become my balance and one that I am passionate and committed to. One that I want to improve upon for the sake of expression.

Thank you again, Canon and Parish, for this weekends workshop.  Here are all the people who made this weekend happen:

Parish Kohanim – our photography guru 

Danielle – Canon Host

Drew – Canon Product Educator 

Haley – model

Acacia – model 

Keeta - model

And a host of other learners like me . . . 

For more information on Canon Live Learning, click here.

For more information on Perish Kohanim, click here.

For my prior workshops with Parish visit Wes' Excellent Adventure I and II.

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