Thursday, March 6, 2014

Anarchy at Studio BE (Now MCL)

Then Improv said, "Let there be music!" Improv was not satisfied though, being from Chicago and all.  So Improv created "Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera"!  Now Anarchy reigns in a brilliant masterpiece of willful Opera, with a shit load of Rock to it. All Improvised!

When writing my 12/13/2014 blog, I realized I had not written this 3/6/2014 Anarchy blog. The first Anarchy I had been too. In fact, someone may have to let me know if this was the very first one. I do not remember. 

What I do remember was that this ensemble of kids put on a strong Music Improv. In fact, it is "An Improvised Rock Opera"! Too cool.

Here are the photos that I failed to post back then.

Cool that after 6 months later, I remember what the scene was about. Evening out with your friends from school, drinking beer . . .

I believe this was where mom was making her son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am hungry now. (Do not work on a blog at lunch time, and mention food I guess.)

Megabus time!

3110 N Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

Some mini clips for your viewing pleasure. The Improv made me do it . . .

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